Workshop on AI and big data in health sciences under climate change

On 20-21 Jan. 2021, under the support of GCRF, a workshop on AI and big data in health sciences under climate change was hold at the University of Public Health, Vietnam. The workshop aimed at strengthening public health adaptability in Vietnam by building an early warning model using AI and big data.

Prof. Hoang Van Minh gave the opening speech

It was a great honour that the workshop was opened by Prof. Hoang Van Minh – Vice Rector of the University of Public Health and received significant attention from the representatives of British Council in Vietnam such as Ms. Phan Thi Bao Phi – Education and Social Program Manager, Ms. Nguyen Hoang Thanh Le – Representative of British Council in Vietnam, and the participation of a large number (i.e., 174 in total) of experts, scientists, lecturers, researchers from universities, and institutions in Vietnam.

Participants at the workshop

On the first day, the workshop provided the talks about AI and Information Technology and applications to health and environment sectors given by Prof. Duong Quang Trung (Chair of Telecommunications at Queen’s University Belfast, Research Director of the Royal Academy of Engineering, UK); Dr. Mai Thai Son (Queen’s University Belfast, UK); Prof. Do Manh Cuong (University of Connecticut, US); and Dr. Nguyen Dinh Long (Dong Nai University, Vietnam).

Talks and discussions at the workshop

On the second day, the workshop was continued with the talks given by Dr. Nguyen Van Hau (Director of AI Center, Hung Yen University of Technology and Education); Dr. Le Van Quoc Anh (Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport). The talks were about the predictive models of some diseases sensitive to climate change: ARIMA, Support Vector Machine (SVM), and long short-term memory.

Currently, Vietnam’s health sector has been deploying many large information systems such as Vietnam medical connection networks, picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), online medical examination and treatment, national pharmaceutical database system, etc. This workshop achieved a set of objectives and established a forum for delegates to share the opportunities, potentials and challenges in the process of implementing National digital transformation to 2025, with orientation to 2030 that will turn Vietnam into a digital, stable, prosperous country and pioneering in testing new technologies and models of AI and big data in health sciences.

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