We are engineers, lecturers, experts, and researchers working in the fields of computer science, information and communications technologies, biotechnology and environment, and agriculture.

We aim to establish an in-depth research environment of university/institute and enterprise/business working throughout multidisciplinary collaboration in research, knowledge and technology transfer, manufacturing and application, and training.

We focus on seeking international funding (especially from UK) to promote international collaboration, connect experts and professors from world-class universities to those in Vietnam for joint research, and thus develop excellent Vietnamese scientists and researchers.

We have had many experiences throughout the following projects:

1) Title: “Catastrophe Tolerance in Telecommunications Networks: A Cross-Layer Design Approach for Emergency Situations”, funded by Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), UK (2018-2019);

2) Title: “IoT-RESA: An Internet of Things based Resilient, Efficient, and Safe Agriculture Ecosystem”, supported by a Research Environment Links grant, under the Newton Programme Vietnam partnership. The grant is funded by BEIS, UK and delivered by British Council (2018-2019);

3) Title: “Building a Foundation for Sustainable Development: Networked Societies for the Cities of Tomorrow”, funded by Newton Institutional Links and delivered by British Council (2015-2017);

4) Title: “Energy Harvesting Enabled Two-way Relay Networks in D2D Communications: An Optimization Design”, funded by Newton Research Collaboration Programme, Royal Academy of Engineering (2014-2015);

5) Title: “Self-Powered Multimedia Wireless System: An Application to Smart Cities”, funded by UK-ASEAN Knowledge Partnership and delivered by British Council (2014-2015);

6) And other projects funded by Vietnam National Foundation for Science and Technology Development (NAFOSTED).

We warmly welcome colleagues and visiting fellows/scholars in the fields all around the world to cooperate in addressing the global challenges.