Monthly Archives: October 2020

Working with Vietnam Disaster Management Authority (VDMA), Hanoi, Vietnam (2nd)

On Oct. 26, 2020, the expert group including Prof. Nguyen Kim Loi (NLU – Nong Lam University), Dr. Truong Tien Vu (DTU – Duy Tan University), and Dr. Nguyen Dinh Long (DNU – Dong Nai University) visited the Vietnam Disaster Management Authority (VDMA), Hanoi, during a very hard time under a series of extreme flooding, […]

Practical Demonstration: Drone Testing and Implementation

For the purpose of validating the output in a practical environment, a test bed of emergency communication network (ECN) was implemented and  tested for operating in catastrophe-prone areas along the coastline of Central Vietnam. The key focus is the validation of the drone kit as flying station testbed which is able to allow operating in disaster […]