Working with Vietnam Disaster Management Authority (VDMA), Hanoi, Vietnam (2nd)

On Oct. 26, 2020, the expert group including Prof. Nguyen Kim Loi (NLU – Nong Lam University), Dr. Truong Tien Vu (DTU – Duy Tan University), and Dr. Nguyen Dinh Long (DNU – Dong Nai University) visited the Vietnam Disaster Management Authority (VDMA), Hanoi, during a very hard time under a series of extreme flooding, landslides, and storms hitting Vietnam.

During this visit, it was a great honor to be shared the urgent and long-term plans for natural disaster prevention, i.e., flooding, landslides and floods, recently in Vietnam by Dr. Tran Quang Hoai (Director General of VDMA) and Dr. Le Quang Tuan (Deputy, Department of International Affairs, Science and Technology, VDMA). The expert group from NLU, DTU, and DNU also discussed and presented the emerging applications and technologies of IoT, 5G Networks, Big Data, and AI in reducing the impact of natural disasters.

Left to right: Dr. Vu, Prof. Loi, Dr. Hoai, Dr. Long, and Mr. Tuan at VDMA.

After the fruitful discussion, all the members visited the Climate Change and Natural Disaster Monitoring Center (CCNDM) for further acquiring the current applications and technologies which have been used at the VDMA. At the CCNDM, Dr. Tuan said, researchers and experts are welcome to collaborate with CCNDM in doing research on reducing the impact of climate change as well as natural disasters in Vietnam.

A visit to the CCNDM.

Finally, the expert group worked with Prof. Nguyen Trung Viet (Vice Rector of Thuy Loi University) and Assoc. Prof Nguyen Mai Dang (Director of International Training Center) at Thuy Loi University on the next steps of the ongoing project “Towards Risk Reduction and Resilience to Coastal Hazards: A Big Data Analytics Approach” as well as on the future cooperation projects to assist in preventing the citizens from flooding, landslides, and climate change in Vietnam.

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