Working with Hanoi University of Public Health

On Dec. 2, 2019, Dr. Trung Q. Duong worked at Hanoi University of Publich Health (HUPH) during his short visit to Vietnam.

Giving his 1st talk at HUPH

In the 1st talk, he presented the applications of IoT, 5G Networks, Big Data, AI in Disaster Management, Healthcare, and Smart Cities to the experts and reseachers of HUPH. They further discussed about the potential cooperation in applying 5G, IoT, Big Data and AI to public health. Emerged technologies and solutions have been discussed and proposed for cancer treatments such as thyroid cancer and breast cancer.

Young lecturers and students of HUPH

In addition, Dr. Duong also gave the 2nd talk about “Your road to a PhD” to the young lecturers and students who are developing their interests in academic research as a very stepping stone towards a successful academic research career. The talk provided the prospective PhD students with academic interests such as advanced research skills, researcher careers, and research governance and ethics, etc. that will help the prospective PhD students to develop their capacities for academic activities in advanced higher education systems in the world.

Dr. Duong with experts, researchers, and young lecturers and students of HUPH







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