Summary of IoT-RESA

IoT-RESA: An Internet of Things based Resilient, Efficient, and Safe Agriculture Ecosystem is a project supported by a Research Environment Links grant, ID [number], under the Newton Programme Vietnam partnership. The grant is funded by the UK Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and delivered by the British Council, implemented by Duy Tan University and Queen’s University Belfast. The project is summarised as follows:

1) Scenario

Agriculture has played an important role in the history of Vietnam economic development. It is the largest sector employing more than 45% of the total workforce, yet contributing less than 20% of GDP due to low productivity, vulnerability to climate change, lack of collaboration of disciplinary knowledge, and weak technology-based management strategies.

2) Objectives

This project will link UK experts and Vietnamese researchers in the field of agriculture and information and communications technology (ICT), to apply the Internet of Thing (IoT) to agriculture. We aim to design an IoT-based solution in order to establish a sustainable agricultural ecosystem (IoT-RESA) that adresses three challenges as follows:

(i) Resilience: making the IoT-RESA strong against the effects of climate change, complicated tropical weather, and pests by monitoring ambient environments (temperature, humidity, picture, etc.) and applying statistical methods to predict the appearance of potential risks;

(ii) Efficiency: ensuring the IoT-RESA to efficiently use resources (soil, water, fertilisers, energy, etc.) to increase productivity at low cost;

(iii) Safety: enabling the IoT-RESA to meet the requirements of occupational safety for farmers, food security for consumers, and green environment.

3) Impacts

The IoT-RESA is expected to contribute the achievement of agriculture development projects in Vietnam as food and its related issues to feed the growing population will continue to be of urgent concerns. The project also provides activities to improve human resources skills and research knowledge base in the field of agriculture and IoT. Quality of knowledge and skill transfer is ensured through joint publications, research exchanges, capacity building programmes, training courses, workshops, international conferences. These activities will introduce emerging IoT technologies to the ICT market in Vietnam, raise the awareness on IoT as a management tool and possible roles in tackling the problems at national level, and thus attract more investment in academic and technology sectors to leverage societal and economic development and welfare.

Our team includes:

Queen’s University Belfast, UK:
– Associate Professor Dr. Trung Q. Duong
– Dr. Long D. Nguyen
– PDRA (to be announced)

Duy Tan University, Vietnam:
– Dr. Nguyen-Son Vo
– Dr. Quang Sang Nguyen
– Dr. Anand Nayyar
– Dr. Dac Binh Ha
– Mr. Huynh Ba Cuong
– Mr. Nguyen Pham Cong Duc

Le Quy Don Technical University, Vietnam:
– Assoc. Prof. Tran Xuan Nam

Cantho University, Vietnam:
– Assoc. Prof. Nhan Phuoc Pham

Partnership company:
– Dr. Le Van Khoa, Technical Director, BiOWiSH Vietnam Cooporation, Vietnam
– Mr. Ta Quoc Viet, Thu Bon Agricultural Co-operative, Duy Xuyen, Quang Nam, Vietnam

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